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Squeezebox Radio | Gadgets for menSqueezebox is a new wi-fi radio from Logitech. It is a step down from Squeezebox Boom but has more to offer than your standard wi-fi radio. Just so we all on the same page, it plays internet radio and music without being connected to a computer. And it will play music stored on your computer too. All you need to have is a wi-fi connection at home. You turn the Squeezebox Radio on and it finds and connects to the network.

The radio is global and gives you access to stations from all over the world. And that, my friends, include all sports channels too. Let me tell ya – you will be addicted.

The design is fantastic. Many radios try to combine navigation and volume in one knob which can get confusing. Not this radio. There is a big wheel for navigation and a separate knob for volume. All buttons on the front are intelligently placed.

The front LCD display is full of information goodness. You get info about radio stations, music tracks and even album art on the display. Like any wi-fi radio, Squeezebox can access thousands freely available internet radio stations. It supports online music streaming services, like Pandora, Rhapsody, Last.fm, Slacker and SIRIUS Internet Radio. Of course, it will play the music stored on your computer. Squeeze Center software comes with the radio and works with Mac, PC, and Linux. And if that is not enough – plug your iPod in it and enjoy.

Made of plastic, Sqeezebox has a glossy black finish, which will attract fingerprints. There is a little handle in the back which makes it easy to carry it around. On the bottom of the radio there is a battery pack compartment. The remote and battery pack are sold separately.

Squeezebox Radio has an app gallery (new feature). You can download different apps – Flickr, Facebook, etc. You can recommend music to your Facebook friends instantly from your Squeezebox. If you are still not impressed, I see your point. Maybe, it is not too useful just yet, but having apps on Squeezebox opens the door for Logitech to expand these features in the future.

All gadgets come complete with their own website these days. Logitech Squeezebox Radio is no exception. Navigate to mysqueezebox.com online service, sign up for free, and select your favorite stations and artists. Your tastes will become the tastes of your Squeezebox in the matter of seconds.

As an alarm clock, it is really customizable. You can set which days you want the alarms to go off. There is support for multiple alarms. If you get bored with all the standard waking sirens, Squeezebox has a huge bank of sounds you can select from as your alarm ringer. In addition, you can queue up a song or pick a radio station you want to get turned on in the morning. If you cannot keep the days of the week straight, choose a different station for every day of the week as a reminder.

For an ultra-compact radio, the sound is very good. You will not get distortion when you turn it all the way up, like you might find on a lot of other wi-fi radios.

This is one of the best wi-fi radios on the market right now and the most fun to play with.

Pre-order it on Amazon for $199.99.


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