Flip MinoHD Camcorder 2nd Generation

Flip Video MinoHD - Gadget GiftsFlip video is shipping 2nd generation, upgraded, “premium” version of its MinoHD pocket camcorder. It has a sleeker design with rounded corners and brushed-metal front – does not attract fingerprints. The new form factor makes the camcorder feel solid in your hand. Like the first generation model, it has solid 720p video (@30fps, 120 min) recorded as MP4 files, slim design and rechargeable battery. Battery life is slightly improved. The video quality is amazing. It is also super easy to use.

Unlike the previous model, the LCD screen is larger (2 inch), the internal memory is doubled (8GB vs. 4GB) and the upgraded FlipShare software now allows you to directly upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, etc. You can also share privately with your family and friends. Keep in mind though, that the uploaded video will not be in high definition, just HQ quality. You can still do it, but will have to upload the file from your computer, not directly from MinoHD camcorder.

The camcorder has a new Movie Magic mode that arranges your clips into a movie. Add your own music to provide a more personal touch. Freeze-frame capabilities allow you to grab snapshots. MinoHD 2nd Generation has HDMI output. It is compatible with both Macs and Windows. Connect to your computer through a flip-out USB arm.

The new MinoHD is fairly pricey. Unfortunately, there is no SD/MMC card expansion slot. And if you want to play your video on your TV, you will need to provide your own cable. Power adapter is not included, but the camcoder will charge from your computer if it is connected.

The botoom line, this new generation MinoHD is one of the nicest models available. For the same price as the original model, you get better design, double the memory and an HDMI output. It might not be worth upgrading, but if you are looking for a portable HD camcorder, this new model might fit the bill.

Buy it for $229.99


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