Car Cell Phone Holder from MobiValet

Cell Phone Holder for Your Car – MobiValet

Car Cell Phone Holder

A month ago I discovered a new accessory for your cell phone – a holder for your car from MobiValet. The case is very versatile. You attach it to your dashboard and that’s where your phone will be while you drive. Any phone will fit. You don’t need to unplug your cell phone.

Installation is easy. Wipe down your dashboard with a cleaning solution, dry the area, press your MobiValet holder against the dashboard. You are done! Adhesive will keep it attached, and will not leave resedue if you decide to remove it.

The fun part is the design. It suits fashionistas as well as fans of classic styles. MobiValet has a Valentine’s Secret Admirer promotion now where you can get a cell phone holder with free shipping – Gift for him or a gift for her.

Enjoy this fun accessory and be safe in your car.


How-to: stay connected while traveling internationally

This is not a gadget, but a great way to set up your system to stay connected while traveling internationally and not go broke. Your cellular carrier international roaming charges will make you cry. But with the right setup, you will be able to reduce the cost and still stay "plugged in".

Read the tips, travel intelligently, and see others weep while looking over their cell bill.

Go to source: How-to: stay connected while traveling internationally — Engadget


The best (and worst) laptop keyboards

CNET's Crave blog has an article about best and worst laptop keyboards. CNET knows their laptops.

When picking up a laptop, we do not pay a lot of attention to keyboard, but we should. This is the piece of the laptop's hardware that we will be using constantly. My desktop keyboard is maybe 6 years old – I cannot find a keyboard as comfortable as the old one. When buying a laptop, you do not have a choice.

Consider your keyboard when buying a new laptop. CNET can help.

Go to source: The best (and worst) laptop keyboards


How to turn your Wi-Fi iPad into an iPad 3G | Crave – CNET

iPad is here and the first adopters who got wi-fi version might want to expand into 3G. This Crave post talks about how to connect your iPad to the fast internet world using MiFi.

I have been using MiFi from Verizon for several months now. It is very fast, very reliable and I can use my iPod apps everywhere. MiFi will allow 5 devices to connect to the internet, so your computer, iPod, iPad, and 2 other devices can be all connected at the same time.

Read the CNET article to learn how to get it all working.

Go to source: How to turn your Wi-Fi iPad into an iPad 3G | Crave – CNET


MiFi – Internet in Your Pocket

Novatel MiFi 2200 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Modem (Verizon Wireless) has been around since May of 2009. The 2 ounce black square is a portable wi-fi hotspot. You can connect 5 devices to it. The one I use is from Verizon. It requires a 2 year plan ($39.99 for 250MB/mo; $59.99 for 5GB/mo; $15/day with no contract). When you buy MiFi 2200 you will be hit with a $35 activation fee.

Why MiFi 2200?

Here are some features that set this device apart:

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Optoma EP-PK-101 PICO Pocket Projector

Optoma EP-PK-101 PICO Pocket ProjectorOptoma has been making great mini projectors, but Optoma EP-PK-101 PICO Pocket Projector is taking it farther. It connects to your mobile phone and – voala! – you can show off your pictures and videos. Record audio with audio in.

The projector weighs 4oz and is quite bright and powerful. It can produce an image with a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. It has a battery but will charge through AC power or USB. Works with mobile devices and laptops.

Price: $219


The 20 most innovative consumer electronics products of the decade

CNET editors came up with a list of most innovative consumer electronics products of the decade. You can probably guess most of the items on the list, it is still humbling to reflect on how far ahead of 2008 we are just in one year. Most of the technologies existed in the previous years, but were significantly improved this year. There is a clear trend that all electronics share – yes, sharing. And, of course, image quality. We are definitely in HD territory.

Go to source: The 20 most innovative consumer electronics products of the decade


Gadgets for Grandparents: Moderate setup help required

Grandparents giftsSome grandparents have embraced the fascinating world of technology and electronics. They can find their way around a computer. They can even send email and have viewed pictures online once or twice. They have heard of Facebook and, possibly, Flickr.

If your grandparents do not own a computer, check out our posting “Grandparents Gifts: Gadgets That Require No Setup.” If your grandparents are capable of finding internet and send email, read on. Here are some gadget gifts for your computer-familiar grandparents.

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Grandparents Gifts: Gadgets That Require No Setup

Grandparents of the 21 century have embraced technology. Seniors are no longer using quills or smoke signals. Most grandparents are on the internet sending email, checking pictures of their grandchildren and using Skype. Electronic gadgets have permanently entered their homes, but let’s not assume it is easy to pick a gadget gift for a grandparent.

Independent seniors can use most of the electronics, but they still sometimes have hearing problems, vision problems and just general allergies to video games. They might play bowling on a Wii, but that’s as far as you can push them.

Here are some suggestions that require no effort on your part, a little setup help and a lot of help. Good news is that you are not going to go broke. Read the rest of this entry »


Black Friday – what not to buy

Just came across a fascinating write-up from Gizmodo on Black Friday Anti-deals.

Black Friday may be when prices drop, but if you’ve carefully read the list of deals, you can tell it’s also a BS marketing gimmick.

So many online shops offer much better deals on products than you get in the store. Interestingly enough, some of the online prices are lower than you can get for the same product in the store. And most of the online shops offer free shipping.

Read this write-up before you are ready for the Black Friday.

Source: Gizmodo “What Not to Buy on Black Friday


Palm Pixi Phone (Sprint) is $25.00 on Amazon!

Palm Pixi | Christmas Gift IdeasJust recently, Sprint and Palm teamed up and released Palm Pixi for $99.99 with a two-year contract. $100 for a smartphone is an incredible deal but the features it has (lack of them, mostly) do not really support the price. You can buy devices with wi-fi, for example, for less.

Well, what do you know? Amazon (and Wal-Mart) lowered the price of Palm Pixi to $25. Well, now we are talking! Of course, you still need to commit to a 2 year contract but it is definitely a good option for those who are looking for an entry-level smartphone for less.
Interestingly enough, Palm Pre also got a price cut. It is available from Amazon for $79.99 – $70 savings if you compare it to Sprint’s price.

Go to source: Palm Pixi Phone (Sprint) is $25.00 on Amazon!


Gift Guide 2009: Smartphones

Cell phones might not make the greatest gift. It is hard to know all the variables – how the person likes to use the phone, what plans they prefer, what carrier they are using, etc. If you are comfortable with a wild guess, check out this guide from CrunchGear. No doubt, it will help you make the right decision which phone to buy. The list is broken down by most popular offerings and combined with your budget restrictions. Check it out! You can even buy a gift for yourself – there is no law against it!
Source: Gift Guide 2009: Smartphones


Hands-on with the Asus 3D laptop

15-inch laptop with 3D technology built in. It is pricey, but totally cool. You have to wear glasses. Check out the review!


Hot GPS Devices – Holiday Gift Guide

Are you related to that person who never asks for directions and is always late? Or maybe your best friend gets lost all the time. Or, maybe, someone you know often finds themselves in unfamiliar places with no idea how to get home. There are great options for those people in need. And you – the gift giver – will be a lifesaver. Those options are GPS devices. They range from stocking-stuffers to feature-packed super gadgets.

Garmin Nuvi 260W GPS Navigator | Gift IdeasGarmin nüvi 260W is preloaded with North America maps and POIs. Updating maps is easy – buy them from Garmin’s website or on Amazon. Garmin nüvi 260W has 4.3-inch touchscreen display. Switch between 2D and 3D mapping perspective and enjoy the road just the way you like it. No need to get distracted – voice guidance and text to speech will get you to your destination providing turn-by-turn directions. Take your Garmin 260W on a walk or a hike. Built-in battery will last you for hours. It is a steal on Amazon: buy it for $139.99
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Digital Camcorders for Teens

When picking a digital camcorder for a teenager, think compact, easy to use, easy to share. Digital camcorders fit these requirements perfectly. Your teenager can shoot the video, edit it right on the camcorder and instantly share with his friends. Of course, editing on a computer is an option too, but ease of use and short time from production to release is important. Another option worth considering, is a waterproof digital camcorder. If your teen is into snowboarding or swimming – you definitely want a camcorder that can handle moisture.

What makes camcorders a great gift is that they combine video recording and shooting still images. Video is everywhere now – just look at how much time your teenager spends on YouTube. Give them some tools to express themselves an try producing videos on their own.

Surprisingly, giving a camcorder as a gift is not going to break your budget. There are several fantastic options on the market. Let’s go down Amazon’s bestselling list.
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